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We are well known for our Kilimanjaro climbs, our off the beaten path safaris and some of the best guides around.  As travelers today seek to move away from the standard tourist circuits and leave Africa with a deeper understanding of the local culture, we work with our clients to thoughtfully design wildlife and cultural dream adventures that take them into authentic Africa. Our goal is to give our clients an insider’s view of East Africa while at the same time helping the people and communities. A percentage of each booking goes back into the local communities to fund self-sufficiency programs like sewing schools and other vocational training.Welcome to Real Life Adventure Travel! We specialize in custom creating climbing, wildlife, cultural, riding and beach safaris in East Africa.   Real Life Adventure Travel was started by Fredrick Chikima, one of the most sought after guides in Tanzania for his knowledge and expertise and the first Tanzanian to summit Aconcagua.  We are based in Tanzania with an office in Canada to serve our North America guests.

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Climbs and Treks

We climb all the major peaks in East Africa: from Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya to the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda. We also offer less strenous treks through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the rain forests of Kilimanjaro, the newly opened Nile trail in Rwanda or the slopes of the Rwenzoris.

On Kilimanjaro, we climb all routes; however, we specialize in the lesser traveled routes like Lemosho, Kibo Circuit, Western Breach, Crater Camp, and Rongai. We are one of the few remaining companies to still do the Western Breach as our guides are experts on the route. We are part of the IMEC Partnership for Responsible Travel/Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project.

Safety is our top priority which is why our guide to climber ratio is usually 1 guide to 2 climbers! We carry oxygen and hyperbaric chambers for emergencies. Our equipment is top notch and all our guides have attended guiding school, are licensed and speak English as well as other languages 

Cultural Safari

These adventures give you the opportunity to experience the rich and diverse cultures of East Africa. Dive into deeper Africa by visiting a local village or conservation project, take a donkey trek with the Maasai, or spend time learning about the hunting and gathering ways of the Hadzabe Tribe, one of the last hunter gathering tribes in Tanzania. By using our network of local guides from the tribes these cultural encounters and experiences are real life and genuine.

Beach Safaris

A trip to East Africa is not complete without visiting one of its beautiful coastal or island beaches. We arrange trips to the mainland coast or the islands of Mafia, Mnembwe, Pemba or Zanzibar for a bit of relaxation prior to returning home from your adventure.

Come join us for your Real Life Adventure in East Africa!