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This is a unique way to experience life as simply as the Maasai do, walking the same paths and meeting them in their daily lives. The bonds we have built with the Maasai in Longido are evident as we travel from village to village, not as voyeurs but as warmly welcomed friends.  Our Maasai guides have been with us for years, and develop each itinerary uniquely according to their vast knowledge of their land and their people. The itinerary will change to encompass ceremonies, traditional markets, perhaps an olpul feast, a chance to meet a Laibon (holy medicine man), and other fascinating events. Along the way, our guides will interpret the natural world and invite you into the lives of their people. The encounters are genuine, and so is the experience.

The days are spent walking along paths through rolling woodlands, meeting with Maasai along the way at various bomas (villages). Our own herd of donkeys is used for porterage, and they carry all the water, camping and cooking gear, and food. Camps are struck and set by your crew of Maasai moranis (warriors) who also tend the donkeys. There are a number of different possibilities, ranging from more leisurely hikes to a challenging two day trek of Longido Mountain , a rarely climbed and truly impressive mountain from which breathtaking views are afforded of Mount Kilimanjaro to the east and Mount Meru to the south. 

The trek is suitable for people of many ages and abilities, but minimum age recommended is 10 years. The daily trekking time ranges from 4 to 6 hours, and trekkers are only required to carry a daypack. The camps are relatively simple but well-equipped, using mountain-style tents (or larger tents with frame beds), toilet and shower tent(s), and a mess tent/shelter, with tables and backed chairs. One of our bush cooks will prepare delicious meals, and picnic lunch boxes are taken during the day. We take special effort to ‘leave only footprints’ behind. Wood for campfires is used from dead trees.

Maasai Trails Itineraries

Donkey Trek through Tanzania’s Maasailand