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These are just a few of the unique adventures that provide you the opportunity to experience the rich and diverse culture of Tanzania.

Lake Eyasi and Wahadzabe Tribe

Experience the hunting and gathering lifestyle of the Wahadzabe tribe. Watch them hunt hornbills, share in the feast of a goat and learn how these wonderful people continue their traditions in this modern day.

Marangu Area and Chagga Tribe

Explore the Marangu area of the Kilimanjaro Region where you will be taken on a tour of Owner Fredrick Chikima’s Chagga village where he grew up and few outsiders get to see.  See the lifestyles and history of the Chagga people.Visit the Chagga Live Museum, Chagga Caves, Waterfalls and walking tour of Mbahe.

Maasai Boma and Market Visit

Visit a Maasai Boma and the Market place to experience and explore the lifestyle of these great people.

Other Cultural Adventures

Take time to hike to the where the elephants and other animals come during the night seeking out the rich minerals of the caves, to explore a local village, the Ngorongoro Crater rim or a children's home.

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