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Maasai Donkey Trek
Maasai Trails
This safari is truly like no other… a rare adventure in traditional Maasailand, on the acacia plains west of Kilimanjaro, in the shadow of Longido Mountain . Along the way you’re immersed in the Maasai culture, which has nobly adhered to ancient traditions despite the many influences of the modern world.
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Cultural Safaris
Cultural Safari
Africa is home to some of the most impressive concentrations and diversity of wildlife left on the planet, yet many travelers fall in love with Africa while on safari through relationships developed with the local communities. Africa’s people are warm, proud and rich in heritage. These safaris offer not only an outstanding wildlife experience, but also a chance to travel off the beaten path and into the homes of the local people.
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Other Adventures
Other Adventures
A great opportunity to experience the rich and diverse culture of Tanzania.  The insiders view!  Come explore a Chagga Village, visit a Maasai Boma and market place, or spend time learning about the hunting and gathering ways of the Wahadzabe tribe. All our guides are from local tribes so that the encounters and experiences are real life and genuine.
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