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Kenya Itineraries: Amboseli Riding Safari

Highlights Include:

    1. World famous eco-system of Amboseli National Park on horseback
    2. Home to 1,500 elephant, some of them ancient
    3. Enjoy a luxury mobile tented camp, moving between destinations each day

This riding safari traverses the vast and varied eco-system of Amboseli National Park, just beneath the towering snow capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Ride across the savannahs, through the mist forest, and into the Chyulu Mountain Range, which supplies water to the rolling grasslands that are home to an array of wildlife. Visitors have the opportunity to gallop across Amboselli's dry lake beds, take a walking safari from Longeriti Camp, enjoy a game drive through the stunning landscape at sunset, and take pictures of eland, kudu, oryx, gerenuk, hartebeest, giraffe, elephant, and even cheetah.

Day 1: Arrival, Introductory Game Drive and Horse Ride
Fly into Amboseli National Park, and be met by your guide at the airstrip. Enjoy a wonderful morning game drive, en route to the first campsite on the south-west boundary of the Park. Amboseli is home to around 1,500 elephant which live in and around the swamps beneath Mt Kilimanjaro. This first game drive serves as an introduction to the Park, and its inhabitants. As well as the famous elephant, there are plenty of hippo, buffalo, plains game, predators and birds to enjoy viewing.

Arrive in camp, and be shown to your tent. Orientation around camp, have a cool drink, and then before lunch meet the horses and the staff who will accompany you throughout the safari.
After a post lunch siesta, mount up for a two hour introductory ride through the yellow fever tree woodland at the base of Kilimanjaro. Today’s ride aims to get riders and horses acquainted at a gentle pace. Riders ease into their new surroundings whilst meandering through the woodlands in search of baboon, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, impala, and gazelle. Do expect some trotting and cantering on this ride.

Overnight Mobile Camp (L.D)

Day 2: Dawn Ride and Afternoon Bush Walk
Depart at dawn on horseback for a morning exploration of the Kiturua Game Concession.
Timing the ride early in the morning should enable riders to see the large herds of elephant that this area is famous for; the elephant emerge from their night time feeding areas and traverse the open plains en route to water holes on the far side of the concession.

Before heading over to these water holes, the ride meanders along the edge of thick bush, in search of predators such as lion and hyena, as they make their way back to their daytime cover.
Soon the scenery opens up to flat, sandy terrain which in the cool morning air is just perfect for enjoying the first long, fast canters of the safari. The pace of this ride is fast, though there are good stretches of time when horses walk amongst the wildlife.

Enjoy a full English breakfast in the shade of an old Acacia tree close to the water, before returning to camp on horseback. Late lunch in camp is followed by a few hours’ rest in the heat of the day. An evening walk is offered, to stretch out riding muscles, and to learn more about the local flora and fauna, and the art of tracking. Scenic sundowners followed by a three-course dinner in camp.

Overnight Mobile Camp (B.L.D)

Day 3: Forest Ride and Afternoon Game Drive
Breakfast served in camp before the morning ride. Riding through the thick bush where the majority of the game is likely to be hiding, it is thrilling to come across a variety of wildlife; from flocks of guinea fowl, to herds of giraffe, or even jackals or hyena in the undergrowth. A common sight is the elephant again, though care is taken when riding with them in very thick cover.

Lunch in camp is followed by an afternoon game drive. Kiturua is home to a great variety of wildlife. The afternoon light, combined with the animals and scenery creates a good chance to take some phenomenal photographs, which may have been difficult to capture on horseback. Today’s game drive often pauses for drinks at sunset, before heading back to camp with a spotlight, aiming to find predators as they begin their nocturnal hunting.

Overnight Mobile Camp (B.L.D)

Day 4: Full Day Ride through Amboseli to Patrick’s Camp, Olgulului Ranch.
Depart camp early morning on horseback, with packed breakfast. Today’s ride leaves the Kiturua Concession and enters Amboseli National Park. Riding distance today is about 30 miles, much of which traverses the game dense Enkongo Narok swamp. Expect to ride with large numbers of elephant, buffalo and plains game and perhaps even predators as the safari navigates through and around the swamplands.

The ride also crosses a vast dry lake bed so there are plenty of chances for galloping and also jumping some of the trees that have been pushed over by elephant. A vehicle meets riders with cool drinks, cushions in the shade and a picnic lunch for riders and horses!

The ride today ends on Olgulului Ranch, on the North-western boundary of Amboseli. After about seven hours riding, enjoy a hot shower and drinks in camp; an oasis of tall trees set in the midst of vast open country, with deep red soil and endless views.

Overnight Mobile Camp (B.L.D)

Day 5: Full Day Ride from Olgulului Ranch to the Chyulu Hills.
An early departure from camp, as the ride today is aiming for the northern end of the majestic Chyulu Hills. Similar in length to yesterday’s ride, with a picnic lunch half way. Enjoy the scenery as it changes from deep red soil, through black cotton and into volcanic basalt. Expect to see migratory herds of eland, kudu, oryx, gerenuk, hartebeest, gazelle and giraffe as they too make their way from the swamps of Amboseli to the high country of the Chyulu Hills.

Enjoy meeting groups of nomadic Maasai herdsmen, and passing by their villages. Some Maasai still live a very traditional lifestyle, and experiencing their culture first-hand is fascinating. Arrive late afternoon into the new campsite.

Overnight Mobile Camp (B.L.D)

Day 6: Morning Hike Lenkiloriti and Afternoon Horse Ride.
Whilst the horses rest, set off on foot to climb Lenkiloriti; a massive volcano that offers stunning views of the Chyulu Hills. Take binoculars to the top and scan the forests below for the black rhino and breeding herds of elephant that reside in the area.

Enjoy lunch in camp today, followed by an afternoon ride through the beautiful volcanic landscape.
This area is a favorite hunting ground for a local leopard. Perhaps opt to do a night game-drive after dinner to try to locate the leopard and other nocturnal animals that inhabit the area.

Overnight Mobile Camp (B.L.D)

Day 7: Long Morning Ride to Crater Camp.
Depart camp on horseback and head though thick Acacia woodland towards the main base of the Chyulu Hills. The route winds through seemingly endless stands of whistling thorn acacia as it climbs into the hills. Ample opportunities to canter, gallop, and jump due to the excellent footing.

The Acacia woodland is home to many species of mammal including some of the biggest ‘Tuskers’ left in Africa. Over the course of the day, the ride ascends about 2,000 feet above the plains, with stunning views stretching for 90 miles on a clear day. Arrive at Crater Camp for a late lunch. The camp is nestled into a forest next to a large volcanic crater, and it overlooks the plains that stretch to the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Late afternoon, climb the volcanic crater in pursuit of the very rare Verreaux’s Eagle which nests in the nearly inaccessible rocky outcrops at the rim. Or, explore the lava tubes under the crater which lie within walking distance of the camp. These jagged caves stretch for miles as they lead away from the crater and have been used for generations of hunter-gatherers as shelter. Enjoy sunset in this most spectacular campsite.

Overnight Mobile Camp (B.L.D)

Day 8: Departure
Enjoy breakfast in camp, followed by departure by road, to the Ol Donyo Lodge airstrip for the schedule flight to Nairobi departing at 0815. (B) .* This itinerary is flexible and subject to changes based on the weather, trip guide's discretion or other factors.

Starting From 5,490 USD per person
2012 Set Departure Dates: 22-29 January, 12-19 February,23-30 June, 21-28 July, 4-11 August, 1-8 September, 30 December – 6 January 2013 or by Private Arrangement all other times. Min 2 pax on Private Departures.