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Kenya Itineraries:

Day and Lodge Stay Rides:
If one of the fast paced multi day trips is not what you are looking for there are several options for day rides or lodge based adventures as well.  These options can be ideal for the novice rider or those not wanting to spend as much time in the saddle.

Chylulu Hills Lodge:
This is a luxury lodge with all the amenities, in a wilderness setting at the edge of a vast savannah. It overlooks a waterhole, with the distinct outline of Kilimanjaro on the horizon. The terrain includes savannah grassland, rolling hills, and forested peaks. Daily activities include landrover and walking safaris, as well as riding at any level. This is an excellent choice for riders who are not ready for a more demanding safari, and for non-riding companions. Riders who do the point-to-point itinerary will enjoy relaxing here a few days before or after the safari.

The Chyulu Hills, which cover 40 square miles, consist of volcanic craters with mist-covered peaks unique to this area. Due to the lack of water in the hills, wildlife is prolific in the low country where some 68 species of large game--elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo--gather daily.

The lodge offers the following activities in addition to horseback riding, game drives, game walks and natue hikes, Mt. Kilimanjaro Flight, Amboseli National Park Day Trips, visits with the local Maasai, clay pigeon shooting and massages.

Sosian Ranch:
Sosian Ranch is located on a vast expanse of wilderness in the heart of Kenya’s highlands and is home to a huge diversity of mammals and birds. The ranch house was built in the 1940’s by Italian artisans, and in recent years was beautifully restored to accommodate up to 14 people in the atmosphere of a private home. Seven cottages lie in the tropical garden overlooking Mt Kenya and miles of unspoiled Africa, each with its own private verandah and ensuite bathroom. The spacious lodge has a swimming pool, tennis court, and organic vegetable garden. Sosian lies at an altitude of nearly 6000 feet.

During the colonial era a strong ranching industry was built on the Laikipia Plateau with enormous ranches of over 100,000 acres and herds numbering in the thousands. This ranching tradition carries on but has of course changed with the times. Now ranchers realize that the wildlife populations, once seen as competition for scarce grazing, are a huge asset with the rise of eco-tourism. Sosian Ranch still raises cattle and sheep, but also works to encourage the return of wildlife and the ranch now boasts resident lion prides, leopard and the rare wild dog.

In addition to walking and game drives, Sosian is perfect for horseback and camel riding. The ranch has numerous trails of varying levels of difficulty, and a ready supply of well-trained horses. It is home to 18 horses and going for a ride is one of the most wonderful ways of blending into the bush and seeing wildlife. You can get up close to the game, but also get away quickly if you need to! Not for complete beginners, but not to be missed by anyone keen on riding. Most of the horses are thoroughbreds and crosses, ranging from 14 hands to 16 hands and a combination of English saddles and Australian Stock saddles are used.

The ranch offers the following activities: Games drives, night game drives, camel rides, fly camping and fishing.

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